Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I kicked Racism's Ass, have you?

Malaysia is a beautiful country. If anyone tries to doubt that, then screw you. However beneath the beauty, there's an underlying threat to such beauty in the distant future. Racism.

Racism as all of us know has been obvious in our country. Leaders making racist remarks do not help things either. Leaders from certain political parties are not detained under ISA for making such remarks while Opposition party members get thrown into ISA easily.

Remember Lim Kit Siang who asked for the boycott of PAS member now Perak Mentri Besar Mohd Nizar? the story was like this, as DAP won more seats in Perak, Uncle Lim thinks that a DAP member should be Menteri Besar. But due to the state constituition, the Menteri Besar post can only be given to a Malay. so when Lim Kit Siang told all party members of DAP to boycott the installation ceremony, all Hell breaks lose. Some even demanded Lim Kit Siang to be beheaded! in the end, Lim Kit Siang apologised and still some ppl are making a fuss out of it.

Maybe in a certain way he is wrong, and i truly think that he's wrong for making such foolish remarks. but what saddens me is that certain quarters are exploiting and blowing up the issue out of proportion.

A few weeks later, when the Sultan of Terengganu and the Sultan of Perlis chose their candidates, the UMNO members of the respective states are not happy. Not happy to the point of protesting in front of the palace. Now the big question is where are those clever people who protested in Perak now? Why aren't there any fuss that UMNO members menderhaka towards the sultan?

I'm just saddened by the fact that certain quarters in Malaysia are not grateful with the peace and harmony that our country has enjoyed over the years.

small matters like our own PSD scholarships have been under heavy criticism from the Malays and the non-Malays. Malays from UMNO Youth said that if we increase the quota of non-Bumis obtaining the scholarships, then it will be unfair towards the Bumi's as well and it's against the Federal Constitution. the non-malays said that it's all about skin colour. another question to ask is Is It Wrong to Award Scholarships based on Meritocracy and not based on quotas? i mean i agree that we should not give the scholarships to those who can afford it. I mean there are poor people from both sides of the fence. If the Malays claimed that hardship should be the reason why more scholarships should be awarded for the Bumis. Then the non-Malays can say so too. To solve all this, the best solution is to publish the names of all the scholarship recipients along with their exam results. but i do agree with the statement made by UMNO youth that more scholarships should be given out regardless of race. however, with only 2000 places, who would you rather give the scholarship to?

remember the video of the UPM students which appeared on my blog sometime last year? racial elements were in it. A Malay student held a shoe and put it in the face of a Chinese student while a group of other Malays students cheered him on. the media played down the issue of course. Why aren't the students expelled or detained under the ISA?

it's about time that we must be matured enough and not make discriminating remarks of other races. time to change. don't play up issues such as non-Malays should go back to China or India or whatsoever. It's been five decades since we passed that era.

being a Malaysian who dreams of a better tomorrow it certainly touches my heart whenever i see citizens of different races helping each other out sincerely without any feeling of racism. Watch this award winning video below directed by Yasmin Ahmad. Thought provoking and beautiful i would say.

and another thing is that Malaysian Artistes For Unity (MAFU), made p of artistes and celebs from Malaysia are against racism as well. they recorded a track called Here in My Home available for free download only at

let's support the cause of kicking RACISM in the ASS....

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