Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stuck that Ki and that Kame Hame Ha up your butt Goku

Never in my life i feel so depressed in reviewing a movie but i have to do this.

So sorry Goku and Roshi.

But DragonBall Evolution deserves an "EFF YOU!" rating.

Lousy acting, story, dialogue, editing, special FX.

The moment Gohan started his first line, this movie sucked cock.

Sucked cock all the way till the end.

Not even fit for TV.

Like that suck my own even better.

End of story.

Impossible to give a rating.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Times They Are A-Changing

Watchmen The Movie is not a typical superhero movie. and heck no! it's not even a superhero movie because the main focus here is not even on Dr.Manhattan and his censored penis!

This movie is one of those movies that will open up lots of discussions among those who has watched it. It will either make you love it or hate it. So, there'll be lots of mixed reviews. A Warning for those who wants to pay ten bucks to watch this movie: This is nothing like The Dark Knight or Ironman. Action sequences are very minimum for a comic book movie. So if your attention span cannot take ten minutes of continuous dialogue, stay away from this movie because a total of 140 minutes at least are dedicated towards talking.

And the story line is unique because these superheroes are not perfect people. They are portrayed as dysfunctional everyday people like you and me.

For your information, Watchmen is another graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons. Alan Moore fyi is the dude who wrote brilliant stuff like V for Vendetta, From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The third movie especially sucked so much that Alan Moore has lost faith towards Hollywood and has sworn that he will never watch any of his masterpieces on the silver screen ever again. So there's no surprises here when he said Watchmen is "unfilmable" and requested the movie studios to omit his name from the credits forever and ever.

Why unfilmable? because of the amount of back stories in this whole 12-issue graphic novel. The character development is so amazing and rich that Zack Snyder deserves to be commended for bringing this comic to life while still sticking faithfully to the source material.

I initially won premiere tickets for the Watchmen Premiere Screening on the 4th of March but i had to give it a miss since I was going to Jason Mraz's concert. So in the end, i decided to watch it as soon as i was free. Went to watch it with a friend who hasn't read the source material, Wilson.

Parents please take note. Don't try to sneak your kids in for this movie because it is the most violent comic book movie that i've ever seen so far and there are some visible tits in the whole movie. It's so violent that it makes The Dark Knight and The Joker look like Teletubbies and Hannah Montana. There are 3 scenes altogether where you get to see some nipple action. I wonder if our Censorship board is being lenient or they fell asleep halfway editing out the "unnecessary" stuff. So yeah, this is a definite above 18 movie. and there's an almost-got-raped scene too.

I won't try to tell you the synopsis because you can read it all over the net for that. But the movie starts off on a high note with the murder of The Comedian faithfully shot panel-to-panel from the graphic novel. And the opening credits accompanied by Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changing is one of the best i've ever seen so far. Those who have read the source material will be happy to see all the important events that have happened in the book being brought to life.

But I shall start off with my complaints about the movie. The movie is not emotionally engaging and very inconsistent. You basically don't feel much for the characters and it's like you don't care if one of them gets shot or dies halfway through the movie. Some of the dialogue were rather cheesy. And the casting choice for Silk Spectre II and Adrian Veidt was not spot on. Malin Akerman is a pretty face but her acting was amaturish. Matthew Goode doesn't really look like he was capable of handling such a vital character in the movie and he was just too small sized to play Adrian Veidt. And Zack Snyder's changing of the ending was okay but it was slightly rushed and all the build-up towards the climatic explosion scene was rather disappointing. The explosion which wiped out New York City wasn't as good as the one in Independence Day.

And due to making the movie as short as possible, some explanations of events were omitted like how Adrian Veidt became the man he was and the origins of his pet named Bulbatis. The soundtrack was good at most parts with contributions from Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix etc. but the music score could be better at times. At certain parts the music sounded so cheap that i thought i was watching Kisah Benar. and at parts, it sounded like The Dark Knight. and i wished we didn't need to view Dr.Manhattan's penis so many times. Even though they are blurred out here in Malaysia, it is still distracting.

But the good thing about Watchmen The Movie is that it manages to capture certain essential elements from the novel and being a person who has read the novel, you won't feel bored at all. In fact, i felt very excited at every scene transition. Roscharch is definitely the coolest character here. And Dr. Manhattan's narrative on his origins is really well executed but might confuse many. this is because of the parallel space/time continuum that he lives in. Very confusing indeed. Cinematography was great and the visual effects was good too.

The greatest part of the movie for me was the back story of Dr. Manhattan. It was so well done that it could be a short movie on its own. The accompanying store is very intriguing and what amazes me the most is how they managed to film this whole part because I have never thought they could make the narration of Dr.Manhattan work on film as it did on paper. All in all, this segment alone deserves a 5 out of 5.Billy Crudup the dude who plays Dr. Manhattan did a great job. He has this gentle voice that seems to contradict with his masculine body shape and "package" but for me it worked! because Dr. Manhattan is a very confused character and sensitive at times.

All in all, a decent adaptation and it certainly met my expectations but at times it could have been better. But Zack Snyder did a decent job and i think he deserves a pat on the back. But the term "visionary director" used in the trailer was just too much. Zack Snyder's not up to that level yet. Rating: 4 out of 5

Worth your ten bucks because: Opening sequence and credits rule, Dr. Manhattan's back story, music, Roscharch, special effects, violent fight scenes and it's Watchmen!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And The Oscar Goes To.....

The Oscars came and go. No surprises Slumdog winning almost all the categories it is in. Hugh Jackman did a wonderful job in hosting the show this year. Anne Hathaway is a lovely singer but my only complaints were the way they presented the awards for the acting categories. You are not shown clips of the nominees doing the powerful scenes they are nominated for but rather the Academy has chosen to select a few previous winners and each of them will come up with a testimonial for the nominees. But watching Heath Ledger's parents on stage was really heart-wrenching and very emotional not only for me but even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie looked very sad (but never trust a crying actor especially at the Oscars =P)

* The words below are typed before the Oscars last week.

As a movie buff, i've watched some of the nominated films and my personal best picture of the year will be.

Best Picture
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Frost/Nixon (Favourite)
Slumdog Millionaire
The Reader

Why So Serious Academy?

In this best picture category, i was a little disappointed that The Dark Knight was not included because finally there's a movie that's critically acclaimed and loved by fanboys and non fanboys alike. and The Wrestler deserve a nomination because the trailer swept me off my feet much more than the whole Benjamin Button movie. But if i were to make a choice between the 3 that i've watched, my favourite would be Frost/Nixon.

Best Picture imho

Frost/ Nixon is a very emotionally charged film and this film, like any other Oscar nominated films, contains no Action sequences at all. The dialogue and acting drives this whole movie forwards. But if politics and government cover-ups are not your cup of tea, give this a skip. I loved it because it kept me on the edge of my seats throughout the whole movie. it tells the story of a talk show host David Frost trying to interview Richard Nixon, the President of The US, a year after the Watergate Scandal.

Watergate what? well, dun worry, wikipedia has all the answers. but just remember it's a scandal like those you see in the news these days. The whole build up towards the interview was very exciting even though the synopsis sounds mundane. i was a little surprised at first why this mundane film can be nominated at all but thank god i watched this gem and was really impressed by it. the director, Ron Howard picked up the correct project after the disappointing Da Vinci Code and the average Cinderella Man. At the end of the movie, instead of feeling bored after 2 hours, i felt that i wanted a little more.

The cinematography is very nice for a political movie. The music used in this film is minimum at best bt the impact of the score by Hans Zimmer was really disturbing. The adaptation from the stage play which this movie is based on deserves some credit because not every stage play can be easily adapted into a movie. All in all, two thumbs up for me and a solid rating of 4.7/5.

The character who played Nixon, Frank Langella deserves a Best Actor award because the facial expressions were so genuine and sincere that you feel Nixon is one of those buddies that you can drink beer with and bitch about your life. The other great actors in this years Best Actor category would be Sean Penn the gay politician in the movie Milk and Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. one thing i have to say even though i haven't seen The Wrestler, i do support Mickey Rourke because the display of emotions in the trailer alone was deeply moving.

this is not WWE Smackdown

My second favourite would be Slumdog Millionaire because it's very well paced and engaging at the same time. Plus, the story really appeals to many audiences. It's hard to choose whether i want Frost/Nixon or Slumdog because sometimes, depending on my mood, i love Slumdog more.

Benjamin Button is a beautiful movie. Cool special effects. Great direction, music and cinematography, but i don't dig it. It's waaaay tooo long and some parts can be omitted. and i've watched this show twice, one on DVD the other time in the cinemas, to make sure i didn't give it a biased review. The bad thing was the story stayed flat all the time for me. it has some good moments especially the way Brad Pitt died (so sad T.T) and the part where Brad Pitt narates the series of unfortunate events leading to Cate Blanchett's accident, but all in all the thing that makes this a full price movie is just the unique storyline, special effects and the technical aspects.

the long runtime of the movie was a turnoff and unlike Slumdog, this movie will never satisfy the short attention span of a kid.

considering the fact the screenplay is by Eric Roth (Forrest Gump), the way the story unfolds is exactly like Forrest Gump. this didn't please me a bit at all. and certain references to American history was hard for me to relate to unlike the Frost/Nixon movie. So, in the end, no matter how much people say this movie is good, it's not too spectacular to be nominated as a Best Picture movie. but i guess "One man's food is another man's poison" My rating would be a 3.6 out of 5.

Brad Pitt when he was a baby

Brad Pitt's acting was nothing to shout about and i was apalled that it received a Best Actor nomination. I felt he should be nominated for his role in Burn After Reading which made me laugh like shit. Brad Pitt's Oscar dream is going to the pits because i have a 100% feel it won't win the Best Actor award.

Brad Pitt when he turned gay

Hence, ends my oscar post and the start of me getting lazier to blog these days.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Malaysia The Most Transparent Country in The World.... NOT!

it's hard to blog these days. i have written some reviews for movies in the running for the Oscars but decided not to publish it because i couldn't get the pictures i want to photoshop. But seriously i am blogging today not because i am tired of wanking for the past week but rather to give my two cents worth about the political scenario currently in Malaysia. and I am writing this because i think Dr. Khir Toyo has pushed my buttons a little too far.

First i would like to comment on the Perak coup by Barisan Nasional. I think it is ethical and to win the state through cross-overs without an election is purely unethical. As Subang Jaya MP Hannah Yeoh highlighted in her post, Anwar Ibrahim's planned take over last year was by all means constitutional because number one, Anwar wrote to PM to ask him to convene an emergency sitting in parliament, something absent in the current Perak crisis. Number two, Anwar Ibrahim stated that he will dissolve parliament and hold fresh elections if his takeover was a success.

But now, you see none of this happening in Perak and worse still Najib and Company all seemed so proud as though they won the state through the people's votes. The Sultan was criticized alot lately because of his choice to allow such a takeover to take place but i felt that maybe the Sultan has a reason which we will never know. But still, it is very confusing why he allowed such a thing to happen. and it's a pity to see some conniving political parties and mah jai's demonstrating just because Karpal Singh said he wanted to take Sultan Azlan Shah to court.

the thing is, it is Karpal Singh's prerogative or right to take the Sultan to court because in 1993, Tun Dr. Mahathir our former prime minister took away the immunity which the rulers enjoyed before this. This means that because of what Mahathir initiated in 1993, the Sultans are all subjected to normal laws like us. So who's the penderhaka now. Plus after March 8th, in Terengganu and Perlis, the so called setia UMNO members were the ones who protested the Sultan's choice of Menteri Besar to the point of calling them as "natang" as in binatang (animal).

Next, on Elizabeth Wong case. I hope the media really respects Elizabeth Wong's privacy and to the Barisan Nasional politicians please don't be such a hypocrite.

Number one, unlike Chua Soi Lek, Elizabeth Wong didn't commit adultery and she is a victim as all her pictures were taken without her actually knowing it. For a person like Khir Toyo to ask Elizabeth Wong to resign is stupid because he has done more unforgivable stuff when he was the Menteri Besar of Selangor.

Eli was the victim here without a doubt. And she has served her constituency so well and was very firm on her principles especially during meetings with property developers. If you have read some of the statements of those who have actually met her at the meetings, she is known as a no-nonsense person. Her contributions are so great that people living in Bandar Utama are signing a petition to keep her in the Exco. She was also one of the first few people who pressured the Work Ministry for a report on the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide incident last year.

Khir Toyo on the other hand, is trying to impress his fellow comrades in UMNO Youth because he is in the running for the president's post. So any, pro-Malay statements he makes in this few weeks will make him look heroic among the shallow mah jai's he has. But to ask Elizabeth Wong to step down is like a pot calling the kettle black. During his time as Menteri Besar, you have things like rampant corruption for example, the Zakaria Mat Deros incident alone. No action was taken against him at all. why didn't Khir Toyo ask the late Zakaria to resign from his post? well, simply because he was an UMNO member.

And the exorbitant spending by his Exco members were depriving the needy citizens of important funds for example, the Exco Village project. Why in the world would Exco members need to live in such huge houses when they say they want to help bridge the gap between the poor and the rich? Bloody hypocrites. so the only person who should step down is Khir Toyo himself.

this was taken from this blogpost.

"THE Selangor Government has spent more than RM20mil on the Exco Village to house all 10 state exco members “under one roof”.

The rationale behind this, said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo, was to enable the exco members to communicate better and meet at short notice should there be an emergency.

However, after two years, only four of the exco members took up the offer and are living in the five-room bungalows.

To make matters worse, at least three of the other bungalows are occupied by relatives of the state exco members. "

but thank god for the current administration, they sold off the underutilized Exco Village.

And certain bloggers who tried to incite hate between Elizabeth Wong and PAS really disappoint me. This picture if seen like that would certainly anger some of our conservative Muslims in our country. But you have to understand that they didn't show you the whole picture.

In fact, this picture was actually part of a group photo during Eli's recent CNY open house this year. If you look at the whole picture you can see there's another Indian dude standing next to Eli. It's impossible to ask our current Menteri Besar to stand a few feet away from Elizabeth Wong for a group picture because if that actually happened, people will try to manipulate it and say it as a racial issue.

Plus Khalwat (close proximity) only applies if two non-related people are in an enclosed area if not mistaken.

moving on to another recent issue, for your information our Anti Corruption Agency is now known as the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commision (MACC). It is supposed to be an independent body which is able to carry out its work without any political parties trying to interfere in their investigations.

But the sad thing is, this isn't the case. The head of the MACC in a statement last week said that the MACC has enough evidence to charge the Selangor MB in court for certain allegations of corruption and misuse of funds. In the first place, one should not reveal anything because the person is not guilty until proven guilty in court. So by giving out this statement, what you see is a trial by the media which will lead to many misconceptions about the Menteri Besar.

And personally i don't think the allegations were serious. Allegation number one, they say Khalid Ibrahim used state funds for his Lexus (which was bought by his own cash) punya maintainence. But he already stated that he uses the car for official business so i think he is entitled to have his maintainence paid by the state. It's like if your boss ask you to go somewhere to run errands, of course you will want to claim the toll and petrol money from your company even if the car is not owned by your company. I bet the previous administration even did the same thing and even claimed money for their kids' vehicle maintainence.

For the second offence, it was said that he bought cows and donated them to mosques around his constituency alone. For me, even though it's for his constituency, at least it's something good. Much more better than building any kind of Exco Village or Sports Complex in a foreign land.

Therefore the recent statements by the MACC head certainly disappoints me and must be condemned. And i doubt even with a new name, MACC is still not an independent body. If it wants to be known to be just and fair, start digging up stuff on Khir Toyo and gang.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perak Wars: To hop or not to hop?

who's your daddy now?

it's tired blogging about politics these days cuz as a matter of fact i don't give a shit anymore but currently there's another issue in politics which requires some serious attention.


this word has never existed much in our country's political dictionary until March 2008 where the Opposition sapu-ed lots of seats and Anwar Ibrahim said he will take over government on September 16th. we know it didn't happen. but that was when the party hopping rumours became very much talked about.

Honestly, i was one of the fanboys who actually believed Anwar Ibrahim and was pretty excited when he came into parliament after the Permatang Pauh by-election. I was totally supportive of the idea mainly because of the events that took place last year. Datuk Ahmad Ismail for instance who uttered racist remarks and not only did he not apologize but his supporters even tore apart a portrait of Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, the former Chief Minister of Penang right in front of the media!!!

That event was one of those that made alot of people angry with UMNO. But in the end September 16 came and went and the only thing that i remembered was that i had a stomach upset on that day and had to shit in college.

Fast forward to 2009 we got some surprise on Chinese New Year's eve when Bota assemblyman from Perak crossed over from UMNO to Keadilan. And then i read the papers today, UMNO also claimed that a few Pakatan ppl are crossing over to BN in Perak. The next thing you know, Perak may be a Barisan state again. After giving much thought, i feel that maybe party hopping is indeed vry bad for the nation.

It leads to unnecessary instability in our nation at such a challenging time where thousands of people were retrenched due to the world economic breakdown. Crossing over would lead to even lead to more money politics and corruption. Politicians being bought over and promised of positions. Cronyism increases which leads to poor governance, rakyat suffers, investors lose confidence in our economy, Malaysia's economic growth slows down, recession, in the end yet again, the Rakyat suffers.

Politicians must know that they are voted in for a reason. they are voted in because they are someone who can help those who are in need of a voice in the government and they are also chosen by the majority because of the party they represent. I understand some people may say why can't a person serve the rakyat even when he goes to another party.

It's simple. Politicians are always politicians. How many of them can look at you straight in the eye and truthfully say to you that they are there ONLY to serve the rakyat and nothing else? No hidden agendas and personal interests whatsoever? well, all this can never be achieved.

and as at 7 p.m. today, that Bota dude who crossed over to PKR now crossed back over to UMNO again. and two PKR and one DAP assemblymen have resigned as independents but have stated their support for Barisan Nasional. So now, instead of Anwar's sky change we now have Najib's sky change. It's BN's turn to have their own 916 (16th September). Maybe this time they'll call it 214.

for your info, the two PKR members who are jumping ship are currently facing corruption charges against them. they were the ones in the sex scandal last year. but then, who cares about the court case anyway. I feel both sides, BN and PR are more interested with numbers currently.

and i believe Perak will have a new Menteri Besar by tomorrow. So who knows? maybe tomorrow we will have all the PR states becoming BN states again by 214. So i guess, Anwar Ibrahim must be feeling the pinch after not only introducing this "hopping" word but to see his Pakatan Rakyat states facing the risk of becoming a Barisan state once again.

and once again all these politicking will make the rakyat suffer more especially during such difficult situations faced by those who are being retrenched.

Anti-hopping laws anyone?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oscar Watch: Slumdog Millionaire

aiyah... even Ah Beng Obama says Gong Xi Fa Cai oh

i am very very disappointed with the Academy for snubbing The Dark Knight in most of its major awards categories including Best Films. From what i've heard the movie The Reader didn't even deserve to be up in the Best Picture list of nominees. Call me a fanboy if you want but i think The Dark Knight has certainly made lots of history. It has converted many non Batman fans into one and i feel a movie as groundbreaking as that should deserve a nomination.

But noooooo. they think The Dark Knight is not artistic enough. but how do you define artistic? movies that are more than 2 hours long? well, The Dark Knight is one. Very slow transitions from one scene to another? well, The Dark Knight definitely doesn't have that because it is fast paced and the action comes thick and fast and straight to the point. and a snub in the best music score category certainly makes anybody turn into The Hulk. for me at least.

But anyway, today i'm going to review a movie everybody has been talking about. Slumdog Millionaire.

The story is about this dude called Jamal Malik, who answers every single question right in the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. But because of the fact that he came from the slums, the people thought that he was cheating so he was sent to prison and got himself bashed up and tortured by the Indian police force. So this poor dude has to tell the police why he managed to know every single answer.

millionaire overnight

When you watch this movie, you would have some kind of feeling that you are watching the Indian version of Cidade De Deus (City Of God) because the main character Jamal and his brother grew up in the same conditions like those from City of God. City of God for your info is a top 20 movie on IMDB and has won Best Foreign Film in one of the Oscars around a few years back.

cool gang movie

I will give this movie a 4.1 out of 5 mainly because of the fact that it made me watch it twice in the period of 12 hours!! i wouldn't say that it's the best i've seen this year and i do think there is too much hype but certainly it does deserve some recognition because of it's inspiring fairy tale story. So to those cynics, please don't take this film seriously, it is a FAIRY TALE.

this is a racist picture

The director, Danny Boyle is a crazy dude. He can turn any show into disgusting and horrific art. in Trainspotting, we can see shit everywhere. In 28 Days Later, you have those dumb military asses and the zombies. In Sunshine, he turned a science fiction movie into a psycho-horror movie towards the end. In The Beach, he chose Leonardo Di Caprio as the lead (EEEEEUUUUU!!!) And in this Slumdog Millionaire, well, i dun want to spoil it for you but you see a 5 year old kid diving into a pool of holy liquid, Schei├če .

The cinematography is excellent if not perfect. It showcases the parts of India that you don't want to visit. Watching this movie certainly tugs at your heartstrings because of the fact that you will realize that the conditions that most of us are living in aren't that bad after all. if you take a good look at the place Jamal grew up in, you would rather sign up for our National Service for a lifetime even though you risk yourself dying from constipation, food poisoning etc.

The music by A.R. Rahman is very unique and the song Paper Planes by M.I.A made me tap my feet during the movie. At the end of the movie, you feel very satisfied. The pacing of the movie is not too slow and not too fast. Just nice.

The acting was brilliant for the child actors who portray the younger versions of the protagonists. the adult actors were just mediocre. Explains why Slumdog did not garner any nominations in the acting categories. The characters are well developed and you can't help but to root for Jamal everytime he gets his ass kicked and his heart broken.

you wouldnt want to know what this kid has swam in

Did it make me cry? hmm. nope it did not. But all in all it is worth watching at least twice. Not the best movie ever made. But worth giving some credit to. All in all, it has been a long time since i've watched a movie more than once this year.

Now i'm waiting to watch The Wrestler, Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon and The Reader.

and i would like to wish my readers a very Gong Xi Fa Cai
May every ang pau you get is "fatter" than the previous one.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Euphoria at The Supper Club

Lights, camera, action

on the 17th of January which was last Saturday, me, Ben and Teik teik went to Euphoria by Ministry of Sound. The reason why we went there was not to look for lonely girls to dry hump but to witness three talented dance crews battle it out in the Grand Finals of the Battleground Dance Competition organized by Astro's Wah Lai Toi.

the breakdancers, Ultimaxx

The reason why i gave a shit about this competition this year was because of only one team. ECX aka. Elecoldxhot. i can swear to you they are so damn tight and dope that it's hard to say they are not capable of battling it out on the international stage.

the lady host is too skinny for my liking

i got the tickets from my aunt. but too bad there were only 3 tickets cuz if i had more, i could have called up more of my friends. so yeah, we went there and we were already late by 15 minutes. so we missed the performance by the judges. but thank god for Youtube, i managed to catch it again and my favourite judge would have to be the sole Black dude from the U.S., Marcus Tucker. he looked so cool dancing to Daft Punk's famous track Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

for your info, lingua franca for this whole show is Cantonese and Mandarin. It saddens me to see Marcus Tucker being so lonely during the whole show as his other colleagues did not try to strike a conversation with him. and there are three Taiwanese judges in this finals. Two men and one woman. The woman i feel was eye candy because her dancing skills really suck for judge. One of the men with the weird long hair was a good dancer but i would have to say he looked as though he was high on crack because he kept on dancing even when it was judging time.

the contestants waiting for the judge's decision

No surprises, the winner for the night was ECX. they were so good and tight that Borat Sagdiyev would liken the tightness of the performance to the vagine of a 4 year old.

After the show, we met up with some former schoolmates who were my juniors. Then one of them said he couldn't remember my name.

Junior: you look familiar. but i think i have forgotten your name.
Simon: What the hell, i thought i am famous!
Junior: Yeah! i think i remember. your name starts with an O right?
Simon: (swt!) =.="
Junior: Yeah! your name is Oscar!
Simon: Fuck you.

after that we headed to Desa Sri Hartamas and clubbed all night at The Supper Club. i was there having a few drinks while watching how Manchester United regain top spot after the late late goal by Berbatov. hahaha. suck on that Liverpool!

not suitable for kids to have supper here

I have to say alot of young kids these days are going to clubs and drinking. some even try to look cool by smoking. haha. kinda rings a bell within myself.

anyway, The Supper Club wasn't a great club. it is happening but i think there can be more improvements especially with the dancefloor, and the tracks the DJ spins (too repetitive can be a problem too). but it was still okay considering the fact that i was there to celebrate KY's birthday with friends.

went back to Teik Chi's crib around 3 and didn't sleep much cuz me and Ben were jamming silently singing all those emo love songs.

Sad case.